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    About Our Company

    Nanning Bernotech is mainly focus on the high tech products about the small scaled air crafts like RC planes and UAV. 
    We are now is mainly on the propeller which is in full colors spray with beech wood from 11-50inches. 
     For UAV, Ultra light planes, RC planes, Aerobatic planes, We all have them available.

    With 3 CNC carving marchines, we are able to produce 300pcs propellers each day, so we are able to work with you for many different sizes propellers, also, with 3 different marchine, we can cut different sizes and shape for your mixed order.

    Also, we are export the GCS and different UAV, welcome your contact. 

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    Dear Visitors, here are the recently hand out designs, with electric motor or gasonline engine props, we have many different designs under production, please let me know which one do you like best, and send me the picture you like on your props. we will apply it for you.

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    Berno Tech is mainly produce some colors on the propellers, so we would like to start the production for you. 
    Now the website is online, we hope to make some more props for you, and welcome your contact.

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    Wheater you have any question about us or about the products, please just feel the below information and we will do reply you as soon as possible, or else, just find the below information for our specific contact, we will do our best to reply you within 24 hours.

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    2nd Building, No.7 Jinxiang Rd,Liangqing District, Nanning, CHN 530219

    Telephone 0086-186-4881-3035 • whatsapp 0086-186-4881-3035


Propeller is not just a made wooden part, We need to do our best to make it right for the aircrafts, wheater you are flying a small multiroter or a Ultra light plane, A good propeller would offer you different feeling of flying. Good eficiency, Well balance would be the first idea to choose it, but if you have a good looking prop, it would make you feel different during the flying.

Berno Tech is not only produce a propeller but also make the propeller looking good and even better than the regular props you ever seen. If you are still looking for the unique props in the market, it's time to contact us. .


      Welcome to Berno Tech. My name is Fred. We hand out this video to show you our new propellers. After a year of test and practice. Berno Tech now hand out this colored propeller officially.
      Everyone like to have a unique aircraft for the flight events. And all want visitors remember us by our flight skills, decals or configurations. But the planes are mainly stay on the field to welcome the visitors.
       Since when we are pay more attention to the decals. Even the same model aircraft. We have different decals for different pilots. And the props, especially the war birds and Aerobatic planes are mainly facing to the visitors by the nose, and the spiner will the first detail goes into the visitors eye. What is the next? Propeller. Yes. Where ever you buy the props, or whatever material it is, the main color of the props are black, white, grey, red, yellow, all these colors are solid colors,What if we can paint the props same as the chasis does?
       Berno Tech offer the design for you. Flames for most of planes in red colors. Nation flags for the big events, even the clubs can customized your owned designs for your members by this prop.

To be Continued